Guest Post: My Girlfriend on Leaving Sweden for Love


Why am I moving in with Dre and how do I feel about doing so?

I am not moving to Dre in the hopes of getting taken care of the rest of my life by a wealthy man. Reading his blog, you all know that he is far from living such a life or ever wanting such a thing, yet I´m still here after all these months. I can also tell you when adding up the cost for all of this it will not be a cheap adventure for me. I’ve not asked for any help from Dre with this and I would never accept any either!

Neither am I doing this in the hopes of getting pregnant, married and getting into the US that way. First of all, I don´t think I ever want children and when it comes to marriage, well, that’s something I might want in the future but not now. (Also the Visa I have doesn’t allow any such thing – so don’t you worry guys, no running off to Vegas for us haha)

So why am I doing this? I´m not getting anything out of it per say and for all I know Dre might be an axe murderer (Editor’s Note: Little does she know… muahahaha). After all, I am a single woman traveling to a man in the US. What can I do, sic my little lapdog on him? Ha!

I´m simply doing this out of love – because of the strong connection I feel with him.

I’ve always had a strong opinion of who my family is; it’s the people who raised me, not the people who biologically created me. What I never felt though is a strong attachment to Sweden as a county to live in (but damn if any other county beats us in any sports haha). What I´m getting at is no matter where in the world, Dre is MY home. He has always given me that feeling, a sense of finding home, and that’s why I´m not nervous at all about traveling there or about how things will turn out between us when I am there.

I know everything will be fine.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Peace out, party people.

Insightful Piece by Hans Augustave

Today’s post is a little different. This piece is written by a supremely talented guy I consider a friend: Hans Augustave. He writes, acts, directs, DJ’s, and has even performed his own one man show. Support this guy! I gave him some crap for not having a blog, but I added links to some of his stuff at the end of this post. Support talented people!


This was before I knew about the world
Before I realized that Band-aids were meant to be skin-toned
Before I learned that Flesh in the Crayola box was a reference to a normalcy and not just an actual color

This was before my first job as a busboy
Where the chief of police in my local town would eat for free with his buddies
And yell out: “Watch your wallets” when I walked over to clean their table

This was before my trip to Ivory Coast
When, after 17 years of life on Earth
My shoulders relaxed
And I didn’t feel like an “other”

This was before I felt the need
To make up for my imposing stature and hue
By developing an overly gentle and inviting persona

This was before I was referred to as “white”
Because being black meant saggy jeans and Ebonics
…to both white and black friends and enemies alike

This was before I was considered
“One of the good ones”
Because of my education and politeness

This was before a Latina ex-girlfiend’s parents told her in Spanish
She’d be messing up the race by having children with me
…not realizing I understood every word

This was before Brown, Garner, Diallo, Bell, Louima, Martin, Heyward Jr., Ferguson, Zongo, Stansbury, Graham, Robinson and Gray
…just to name a few

This was before anyone had ever called me a “nigger”

This was before the countdown began
When the day would get closer
To realizing I was seen as less than human

This was before I didn’t feel normal
For something I was naturally made to be
Something I was BORN to be
Something I didn’t ask to be
But wear proudly and now unashamedly

This was one of the last times I felt
Like a person
…and I don’t even remember having the picture taken

This was before I knew I was Black.

Hans Augustave’s Website | Music Video Directed by Hans | Hans Augustave’s Reel