Peek’s Picks: Song Exploder Brings You into the Minds of Musicians


Alrighty, let’s make this quick because I totally need to run and get some groceries. Aric just dropped this one on me yesterday. No, it’s not some new technology or something to bring good to mankind, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Song Exploder is a podcast where, in their words, musicians (from many genres) take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. It’s a pretty awesome idea if you’re a music junkie like me. Give it a shot!

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Previously: Hitchwiki Provides Crowd-Sourced Information on Hitchhiking and Cheap Transportation

Peek’s Picks: Hitchwiki Provides Crowd-Sourced Information on Hitchhiking and Cheap Transportation

Peeks Picks

Aric sent me an email while I was spending my last week with my fiance until she returns to the US. I finally read it a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised once again.

Hitchwiki is a site that allows for collaboratively compiled information on hitchhiking around the world. As someone who is looking to see the world, I think this is an awesome idea whether you’re traveling or embracing a nomadic lifestyle. There’s awesome information on where to hitchhike, safety tips, and guides for first-timers. It also has articles available in a number of different languages which is pretty cool. All hail Mr. Peek!

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Previously: SwitchPitch Lets Larger Companies Pitch Ideas to Startups

Peek’s Picks: SwitchPitch Lets Larger Companies Pitch Ideas to Startups

Peeks Picks

I’ve been stewing on possible startup ideas recently. Who knows if I’ll ever come up with a home run idea, but a brotha has to give a shot right?

Aric then told me about SwitchPitch, a cool concept that lets companies pitch startups instead of the other way around. This allows companies to avoid the onslaught of startups vying for their attention. These reverse-pitch meetings are also face-to-face, allowing for more personal interaction. This sounds like a pretty awesome way for companies to partner with the right people. Take a look if you’re interested and, as always, thank you, Mr. Peek!


Previously: Hello Hubs Is a Community-Built and Owned Internet Kiosk

Peek’s Picks: Hello Hubs Is a Community-Built and Owned Internet Kiosk

Peeks Picks

Aric and I met briefly this Sunday and he tossed this gem my way. Hello Hubs is a community contributed project that builds internet kiosks that also act as an educational resource. Each terminal has access to 24-hour WiFi and up to four people can be seated at once. Additionally, there is a workbench for maintenance and repair of the hub.

This is an awesome idea and shows the power of cooperation. Why can’t we organize like this more often? Think of the greatness we could achieve instead of the pain we create by being adversaries. Support this endeavor!


Previously: Bluemix Is an Open-Source, Cloud-Based Development Platform

Peek’s Picks: Bluemix Is an Open-Source, Cloud-Based Development Platform

Peek's Picks

Aric randomly sent me a link to IBM Bluemix the other day. Bluemix is a cloud-based, open-source development platform with pretty awesome services provided by IBM.

For example, do you know Wat-

Wait, before I continue there are no Sherlock Holmes jokes allowed, damn it. We’re better than that.

Ehem, do you know Watson? It’s IBM’s technology that processes information closer to humans than machines by interpreting natural language. Cool, right? Well, there are Watson services for Bluemix that lets developers build cognitive apps. That means possibilities for language identification, on-the-fly relationship extraction, and maybe even some advanced AI in your apps.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial today; no credit card needed.


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Peek’s Picks: The Internet Wishlist Is a Wall of Inspiration

Peek's Picks

The Great Aric Peek does it again. Last week he sent me a link to The Internet Wishlist ( It sounds like such a basic concept, but it’s a bit genius as well. It’s simply a wall where people post ideas for apps and websites. Imagine that, a site where potential entrepreneurs and developers can simply pluck ideas from a source to which people are voluntarily submitting. It’s pretty awesome.

If you want to add an idea to the wishlist, spit it out on Twitter and use #theiwl. But be (hopefully) innovative because they’re selective.

You know, I’ve been slacking on my 100 Days/100 Ideas posts. Mostly because it’s tougher than I thought to constantly come up with (hopefully) innovative (more or less) new ideas. I’ll be using these as backup. All credit is due to the posters as well. I just want to share awesome ideas.

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Twitter: @theiwl

Previously: Purpose Looks to Change the World Socially and Economically

Peek’s Picks: Purpose Looks to Change the World Socially and Economically

Peeks Picks

Despite canceling a call with him due to a burned out power supply on my PC, Aric still managed to send me something that made me excited to be alive. This week’s pick is Purpose.

This blog is littered with posts and podcasts about social rights, democracy, and anti-capitalism. Truthfully, the lack of motivation to fix these archaic world problems amongst people I know made me jaded for a while. I felt like I was alone in my thinking. Then Aric shows me Purpose focuses on creating alternate social and economic models that are driven by the masses rather than a few with power. Two things they preach are creativity and collaboration.

Be still, my beating heart.

Here are a few of their achievements:

– Purpose co-founded this organization to create a worldwide grassroots progressive movement. Today, Avaaz is the largest campaigning organization in the world with over 30 million members.

– All Out: Purpose incubates thisorganization that eventually becomes the world’s biggest grassroots LGBT rights group in the world.

– Peers: Purpose tackles consumer activism by launching an organization that promotes sharing economies.

This is awesome and gives me ample hope for humanity. My goal is to become part of this organization in any way possible. Give it a look and maybe you’ll feel the same. Let’s change the world!

Twitter: @purpose

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Peek’s Picks: Goodnik Pays with Time-Based Currency

Peek's Picks

Yesterday, I had a random call on Google Hangouts with my buddy Aric. Each time we meet, he introduces me to new websites, tools, ideas and businesses that I had no clue existed. They’re also usually pretty cool and thought-provoking. As such, I’m going to regularly post the gems I get from him to spread the awesomeness.

Maybe this will also get him into blogging (cue devious second motive).

Last night, Aric told me about Goodnik, an organization that’s essentially creating a services-based barter system. So here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re someone who can provide a service (web development, legal consulting, marketing, etc.). With Goodnik, you can use your services to complete work a non-profit or social impact organization. You are then paid in Goodnikels, a time-based currency. These can be used to then pay other service providers for tasks you need completed regardless if they are social impacting or not. If you have no use for your Goodnikels, donate them!

Read more about it and support this one!

About Goodnikels:
Twitter: @gdnik