Spoken Word Piece: Timeless

Photo Credit: Gustavo Medde

Photo Credit: Gustavo Medde

Everyone and their mom is trying to tell me what love is
Claiming I wouldn’t know; this relationship is too young or something
My mother says it takes years of happy moments and frustrated tears
Fighting, compromising, and a dash of luck to make it here
Oh, the hubris of youth, how could I know after little more than 12 months?
Is that what you think? Sorry mother, your theories have led you astray
What if I were to say I knew before the first day
I knew before we spoke. I knew before I knew her name
She was nothing more than a feeling, said my spirit, not my brain
When I heard her voice I was positive this wasn’t simply a fluke
Somehow I knew. Probably because love is unmistakable
The jaded claim it’s a fable while mother dearest
Raises an eyebrow at the thought of it appearing
But what do I know? I’m just infatuated, right?
Smitten, sitting in the midst of a honeymoon phase. That’s got to be it!
If you say so.
You’re free to your opinion, but this doesn’t change the fact that I know
Do you have to find gravity? No?
It’s just there. You may take it for granted, but even without science you know
I know love. It was always there. I didn’t have to work to create it
This is why I can’t engage in a rousing round of debating
Gravity existed before science, but now science backs it up
This love existed before us, I don’t need to back this up
I don’t need validation because I know love the way I know gravity
The way I know I exist and my mother is my family
If you need proof of love’s existence, I get it, people think seeing is believing
Except the very things we see are the things that can mislead us
So which is it? The proof or the feeling?
It’s a matter of perspective that defines the roof from the ceiling
Effort doesn’t change what was and will remain
This love always existed, except now I know its name

Previously: I Want a Puppy

Spoken Word Piece: I Want a Puppy

Sir Francis Pugsly

I want a puppy
Don’t judge me, pretending to be above me
All I want is a puppy, but I don’t have any money
Okay, wait, maybe I could just ask for a puppy
Somebody please, can you do a brother a favor
I swear you’d be my personal savior
If you just give me puppy
With gumdrops on top; not a shot? You puppy hoarding bumbaclot
Pardon my patois, I didn’t mean to offend, my friend
Just lend me some advice on how I can attain a puppy
All I want is a puppy
Okay, fine, I’ll get a job, just stop calling me bum or slob or whatever
Let’s see what monster.com has to offer for worse or better
Cover letters, résumés, sweating bullets thank god for three piece suits at interviews
Can you spy my sarcasm?
Can I have a puppy, goddamn it?
Well, finally I’m hired, only 50 years until I retire
But in the meantime, can you guess what I’m doing with this first paycheck?
I’m getting a goddamn puppy
Haters gonna hate, but nobody better judge me
Because truth be told, I secretly hope that he’s cuddly
I made the mistake of stating this publicly
And I was called a faggot, all because I want a puppy
Salesmen hungry for commission spot me on my mission
They say, “Hey, buddy. You got puppy insurance?”
Dog house? Versace dog blouse? No?
Step right up, if you plan to own a puppy, you’ll certainly need this stuff
Don’t have the money now? Turn that frown upside down
Better yet, forget the frown, jot your information down
Get 20% off as long as you apply for this credit card
Your puppy dog needs the finest
You want him to be happy, don’t you? Then don’t fight it
And ignore those silly terms, this ain’t for reading, it’s for signing
Well, alright I suppose, if you really say so
Maybe you’re right, I’ll sign, crossed T’s dotted I’s; How could I say no?
It’s all for my puppy
But the days are getting ugly, trust me
Even with this puppy I dubbed Sir Francis Pugsly
Because it seems all my money goes to debt
And all the money that I don’t have goes to stuff
I appear to be stuck; such is life?
No, such is the pursuit of having, stressed from work getting blasted
On Henny and Jack, double fisting with two glasses
All because I wanted a mother fucking puppy
That’s it. That’s all. But look at what this system wants from me
Why did I want this puppy in the first place?
It was simply a thought one day; I feel it was a Sunday
I was thinking it’d be awesome to someday have a puppy
Now I have a puppy and money, such a joy to be me
I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’d gladly give this puppy back
And all this other stuff for a chance to be free

Previously: Losing You

Spoken Word Piece: Losing You

Photo Credit: Michelle Brea

Photo Credit: Michelle Brea

Slowly driving down the road, I’m losing you
Beautiful humanity, insanity came confusing you
Losing you to power, choosing who can be the leader
Losing you, losing me, losing is our destiny
Losing fuel to the flames, so the government chooses our fate
Better lose the attitude before we make it police states
Fire tear gas and a bullet in a crowd, losing you
Believing in the system shows you who’s a fool
Losing you to money as a status symbol
Losing you to madness, had to crack the riddle
Losing who I was cause I lacked a little
Perspective, I heard the first lesson was
Losing you until you come back to your senses
This is senseless. Do I have a consensus?
That all this blood shedding never for a second stops losing you to heaven
If it even exists, schooling you, solved the mystery like Scooby Doo
We’re all the reason that I’m losing you

Previously: In the Key of Life

Spoken Word Piece: In the Key of Life

Rest stop

Rest, my friend
Quench your thirst and stop moving for a moment
Somewhere between mementos and momentum
The stillness beckons, detached from all questions
Be still, my friend
It’s okay reap the spoils of our hard work
We made it, sister, but our inner mechanisms still ticker
We made it brother, out of the wild
Forests to cities gifted to a future child
Yet you continue moving, friend
Chasing the unattainable goal of perfection
This is the game of life, remove the narrow focus from your sight
My brother, my sister,the goal has been reached
In every utterance of speech, in each existence of we
So please rest, my friend
This journey began long before you and me
Buy we still bear the scars of sadness and jubilee
Simply breathe and taste what was and what is yet to come
The noise and the silence harmonizes as one
Song in the key of life

Previously: Thoughts About Us

Spoken Word Piece: Thoughts About Us

Photo Credit: GabPRR

Photo Credit: GabPRR

Alright, I started on a piece for today, but couldn’t think of a good way to end it off yet. For now, here’s another verse I wrote to Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A.” Don’t expect perfect grammar with this one, folks; I make sacrifices for the musical aspect!

My mom and pops said that they wanted a better life for me
Holding it over my head like I owe’em, no I don’t, I’m exposing
The difference between, what you expect and what I’m giving
Can you see, 20/20, I’m living a dream
Leaning on a star while making love my queen
Letting our powers combine, Captain Planet on the scene
And yet, everybody wanna question and keep guessing
If the psychedelics made a mess of my noggin
While mother f***ers are dying in Compton
Palestinian wars, of course it’s easier to turn away from a problem
Or a probable cause, f*** it, do you know who you are?
You try to find it with a shot at the bar
You try to find it with a good paying job
You’re a manager, a thug, or even a superstar
Caught up in the hype, moths circling around a light bulb
Hash tagging addicts couldn’t add it to the right sum
Y’all can live in probability, I thrive in possibility
Never confined my mind embraced infinity
Combined my inner beast with inner peace and made harmony
It’s the first of the month, but 4/20 is still calling me

Put your hands up, baby put your hands up
None of y’all the boss of me, word to Tony Danza
It’s all inside of your head, but my reality said
Just settle down, because the crown is an illusion
Confusing all of the fools, trying to prove that
It’s me versus you and, it’s like Patrick Ewing
Getting dunked on by Michael Jordan making the crowd say oh and
Ahslamalakum my muslum brothers, Jamaica to Haiti
Wonder how I got the eyes of Stevie Wonder
Because I’m blind to the color lines
Dividing minds so never mind, this is the present time
F*** the past, can we all laugh about it
Cause we all made mistakes, is it that hard to have a fresh start
But we stand on opposite sides of right and wrong
Claiming we should be standing on the other side
Got it twisted like the number 9 times 11
But one is flipped on its head, the feeling is so perfection
It’s the yin and yang s*** they even preach it in the bible
Love your fellow man and woman, f*** a rival, or a rifle, or a fist,
Unless it’s up and stands for righteousness, listen up as I’m writing this
Mom and dad I’m trying to have a better life right now
I got my wife now, and my triple eye sight now, so y’all can pipe down
With all the negativity killing me softly, never again
I only want the best for all of y’all, I never pretend to be
Anything other than me, myself and I, like De La
Can you tell I span flavor beyond chocolate and vanilla
Fuck the black and white bullshit
Peace is the dream, but even Martin caught a bullet

Previously: Untitled

Spoken Word Piece: Untitled

Photo Credit: Carmen Eisbär

Photo Credit: Carmen Eisbär

This is actually a verse from a song I wrote for my girlfriend’s birthday. Not quite spoken word, but I figured I’d still share it.

It’s been a minute and a half since I wanted to take a chance
Let’s dance in the rain
Or maybe lay under the sunrays forgetting what some say
Because right now is better than some day yo wait
Let our fingers intermingle, get familiar
I feel ya, I’m going all in, tell the dealer
Healer of the spirit painting smiles on my face
We could even slow it down like the flow on Ma-
Son Betha never ever start wishing for forever
Cause the clever heart knows that it changes with the weather
But right now all I see are clear skies
Reflected inside the eyes of a lady that I spy
Multiplied so I’m really floating on cloud nine hundred and 99
Ok I lied ‘cause you inspired this rhyme
That means, your beauty is so fly you caused creativity
Just from your energy entering me
Can I return the favor? Invade your inner walls, calling your name
Cause this moment is all we have, so let’s savor the pain
And pleasure and realize that they’re one and the same

Previously: The Unlearning of One

Spoken Word Piece: The Unlearning of One

Photo Credit: Jayel Aheram

Photo Credit: Jayel Aheram

One hand, two fingers
One heart that lingers
And longs for one song
One voice as 7 billion people sing along
One right, one wrong
Two sides, one life
To decide if I
Am one man, one soul
Am I the part or the whole?
One second, one breath
Let me catch it for a minute
One death, what’s next
One impossible mission
Ten toes to the earth
Third eye to the heavens
One soul on the dirt
But beyond we’re all brethren
One you, one me
One us, one we
One planet, one everything
One possibility, one anything
One present, right now, one second
One moment to feel blessed
See, we’re all the collective
One and many, but many can be one
But when can one be one instead of many?
If one thing is comprised of many things
One you instead of many organs
Many atoms, what does it matter?
Well, we choose one view
The individual or group
A brother or an enemy
So when are we you and me
Instead of an or in between us
One war, many defeated
See the dead are a collective too
But they don’t care about me and you
It’s the goddamn truth
We’re each locked in one box of “me”
And the box is who we pretend to be
We don’t pretend to be we, we pretend to be me
Because when the box is removed, it is clear we are we
Now what logical reason wouldn’t we all want peace?
All I need is one answer, please.

Previously: Self

Spoken Word Piece: Self

Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri

Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri

Down the river of thoughts many of us fail to see
Blocked by the concept of the me
The self, the ego
The illusion we fall prey to everyday
Along this river are wants and desires
The fire of physical passion, regrets and fears that shatter facades
Glass houses demolished
Anger and rage, whose opinion is better
And the will to live forever
Why? Because of the I, the self
The river of self wants to be selfish
But what would that river be if it was selfless instead
Because the self only wants and thinks this world is
Revolving around it, when the self can’t recognize a world without it
You are not it, and it is not you
You are not a you because that illusion of the river
It tells you every day is the idea of separation
We are all one, don’t believe me? Then I’ll prove it
Just look at what we’re made of, particles and molecules
And so is everything else
Because, most of matter is filled with empty space
Nothing distinguishing where one thing begins and another ends
So where do you begin and where do you end
Where? When was your first thought?
Do you know? Could you tell me?
But you think your thoughts are you. Why? Tell me.
If your thoughts are you then why can’t you remember your first one?
Tell me why? Why? Because you are not your thoughts
You never were, it’s just an illusion of the river
You are we and we are one, estranged family members in a universe of perception
Yes, this world is just a construct of the mind
Not just the world, the universe and the illusion of you and I
And when the eye is removed from the equation all those fears
Regrets, opinions, thoughts on what’s right or wrong are all gone
And what you have is peace and the feeling of we and not a you
We’re connected by energy, we are every possibility
We are brothers and sisters every living thing, consciousness is key
You don’t need to heed my words, but for the very first time
I see through the lie, may we all go in peace

Previously: The Nature of More

Spoken Word Piece: The Nature of More


It needs more, don’t be mistaken
By the look on its face, it’s never satiated
Mark this statement: it will always want more
The hunger, the craving, the desire
All for the pursuit of more, folklores
Tell tales of those, noble of heart
Torn apart for the pursuit of more
Money, wealth, love, food, water, hate
Sex, drugs, television, hope, another day
More. Just give it more
It needs it. The urge burns within the linings
Of its stomach, pining for more. Whining
Crying, claiming it’s dying because the lack of more
Makes its own existence a chore
So when it doesn’t have more, it fantasizes
What if this? Maybe that. Possibility arises
Arrives and becomes the foundation of lies
Residing in the mind, that more is worth more
Than anything else, and the hunger outgrows need
The hunger of survival transforms into greed
When the desire for more has no limit
From a simmer to brimming over the rim
With the pain of brethren, shades of red
The remnants of casualties in the war for more
Therefore more can never be enough
More has no end while enough is what it is
Can both coexist? Retraction.
Can they coexist peacefully without overreaction?
Without “enough” constantly asking
When is enough, enough?
Yet more can never be enough. That’s the nature of more
More will always be more – after, present, and before
But more has a cost. With every gain, there is a loss
Still, the hunger remains, the craving, the desire
It loses no fire
The fire of mankind

Previously: You Are Where

Spoken Word Piece: You Are Where


Where are you? Yes, you
Who else could I be talking to? Where are you?
I see two eyes, glimmer under streaks of sunlight
Might I have a look too? Do you really need that sight?
So where are you? You’re here, of course
You are here, it sounds familiar. Can I borrow your ears?
To confirm my suspicions that you don’t need to listen to here
Where are you? Stop hiding though you say here smells familiar
Quite an ordeal, at least you can taste and feel
Can I have all of those as well?
I applaud your confidence in here. But where is here?
Where are you? Are you anywhere?
Your mind is now cut off from the physical world
No senses, but your brain is more than senseless
You can still think, but what are your thoughts
Without a reference? Raw, uncut, unfocused, but still pure thought
No limitations by what it feels and sees
It’s free to think it’s anywhere and anything it wants to be
The thought runs wild unrestricted by what it knows
It imagines possibility, imagines no limit to its growth
It only knows itself, the thought runs wild
Creating stories and dreams and fantasies
Like that of a child, but the thought knows no me
So where is the thought? Unbound by the physical
Who is the thought? Was it ever really lost?
It is where it is, so are you the thought or the being?
If the thought is just a thing or a feeling
Then where is it? In the brain? Is it too insane
To think thoughts, like matter are neither destroyed or created
So a brain is there to connect thought to the physical
Some call it the truth, others say it’s a miracle
As the thought creates, unfazed by man’s laws
It stands tall because all along the thought was god
Where are you?

Peace out, party people.